Prince Maximilian, styled as King Maximilian XIV, is the 6th son of King Karl and claimant to the throne of Lutzelland. Assigned as the governor of Gerheben, he is known as the Merchant Prince. He is a bold and fiscally minded man, who uses cutthroat methods to secure his power base. He has implemented a series of reforms that has drastically improved the regions wealth, if at the expense of the church and nobles. He has little legal backing for the throne, and relies on the wealth he has to make things right. He controls a newly wealthy area of the kingdom, and his army is primarily composed of foreign mercenaries.

Quick Facts[]

  • Age: 34
  • Noble Standing: Okay
  • Commoner Standing: Good
  • Church Standing: Poor
  • Favorite Class: Pirate
  • Alignment: True Neutral